Tubelight Teaser: Salman Khan’s Most Moving Act in War Film

Tubelight Teaser-Salman Khan's Most Moving Act

Finally, after lots of speculations Salman Khan released Tubelight teaser. Yesterday night, at 9 pm the makers of Tubelight released the teaser of the film and it left us fascinated.

In the 2-minutes teaser video, Salman Khan packed with scenes of war, mountains and people. From the Tubelight teaser, it seems like Salman Khan affected by war. In the teaser video, it’s a journey from grey landscapes of war zones to a young and childish Salman Khan, enjoying life.

Salman’s brother Sohail Khan is playing a role of a soldier in the film. We also got a glimpse of Zhu Zhu, Salman Khan’s leading lady in the film. After watching the Tubelight teaser, you’ll have questions like,

Was Salman Khan a soldier who got back to his country full of scars? Will Salman Khan be able to heal from the past scars of war?

Well, we can’t predict anything just from the teaser only. But one thing is clear is that film raises curiosity. Director Kabir Khan’s film tries to say many things in the teaser so you will need to watch it repeatedly.

Salman Khan's upcoming film Tubelight teaser released

Salman Khan’s upcoming film Tubelight teaser released

For ‘Bhaijaan’ Salman Khan fans, it is the biggest treat of the teaser. One punchline from Tubelight teaser will surely win your heart.

“Yakeen Ek Tubelight Ki Tarah Hota Hai, Der Se Jalta Hai, Lekin Jab Jalta Hai Toh Full light Kar Deta Hai.”

Earlier the makers kept the buzz alive for their film with release of several posters of Salman Khan. Even Salman Khan was teasing fans with his new look poster every day.

This is the third time when Salman and director Kabir Khan are working together. Earlier the duo delivered Super hit films like Tiger Zinda Hai and Bajrangi Bhaijaan. Now with the teaser of Tubelight, it seems like this will be also superhit film.

Kabir Khan’s film Tubelight based on a story of 1962 Indo-china war. Salman Khan is playing a specially abled character. This film shooting took place in Ladakh, Manali and Mumbai.

As we earlier poster, Shahrukh Khan is playing a special appearance in Tubelight film. So after so many years, Friends Salman and Shahrukh are sharing the screen.

After release of the Tubelight teaser, twitter flooded with so many tweets for the reviews of the teaser.

Generel opinion on twitter, “Salman Khan’s performance in Tubelight teaser is on another level,”

Bollywood producer Karan Johar tweeted,

“This is what you call a tease! What a fab world and a promise of a brilliant film!”

Dia Mirza responded to a tweet applauding Kabir Khan as a director and said: “I totally agree.”

While some people also don’t like the teaser of the tubelight film. Now, later in this month, Tubelight trailer will release.

Tubelight will release on this Eid festival, 23rd June 2017.

Tubelight Teaser Video:

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Salman Khan released Tubelight teaser. Yesterday night, at 9 pm the makers of Tubelight released the teaser of the film and it left us fascinated.
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