Sultan VFX Effects : Salman Khan’s Film Before and After Photos Video

Sultan VfX Effect Video by yFX

Salman Khan’s film Sultan is the most successful Film till the date in 2016. Now, Sultan makers released Sultan VFX Effects video which shows before and after photos of the film with VFX effects.

Sultan movie earned more than Rs 300 Crore. Apart from all that, this film shows Salman Khan’s best ever performance. Salman worked really hard on his body which one can see in the film.

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Sultan VFX effects video shows the magic of technology in Film. With Salman Khan’s hard work, yFX’s Visual Effects also led the film to became the biggest hit of the year 2016. Recently Yash Raj Films released Sultan VFX Effects breakdown on Social media.

Sultan VFX Effects Photo

Sultan VFX Effects Photo

Sultan VFX Effect video make you believe that technology, visual effects is one of key factor of films nowadays.

In the Visual effect video, one can see Salman Khan is jumping with a green background in real while in the film, we sees Salman jumping from a building to another in Delhi. In 440 Volt Song, Salman Khan dancing normally in real while in the film, we sees Firecrackers coming out from his hands.

So, Visual effects plays a major role in films now which makes filmmakers easy to make a film. Yash Raj Films’ visual effect studio is yFX. Sultan movie was the first project under yFX VFX Effects and the yFX team have worked appreciable on Sultan VFX Effects.

Sultan movie is still running in some theatres across India.

Recently Salman Khan hosted a party for actor Will Smith at his home where he also announced his wedding date. Salman Khan announced to marry his Romanian Girlfriend Lulia Vantur on 18 November 2016.

Now we need to only wait till the date to see If Bhaijaan is really getting married or not…

Apart from Salman’s personal life, Salman Khan is currently busy in shooting for Tubelight Movie which is Kabir Khan’s next project. Due to tubelight shooting schedule, Salman could not attend Ganesh Utsav celebration at his home this year.

Sultan VFX Effects:

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