Salman Khan Launches Sania Mirza Autobiography in Mumbai

Salman Khan Launches Sania's Autobiography

Salman Khan launches Tennis Star Sania Mirza’s autobiography ‘Ace Against Odds’ in Mumbai. ‘Sultan’ Salman has launched Sania’a autobiography on 17 July 2016. Before 3 days, Shahrukh Khan has launched Sania Mirza’s autobiography. He had launched it in Hyderabad.

Salman Khan launches book and praised Sania Mirza for coming up with autobiography at a young age. Salman Khan’s Sultan movie is 2016’s first blockbuster. It has made many box office records.

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Salman Khan said at the launch, “People don’t achieve even in three lifetimes what Sania Mirza has achieved at 29.”

At book launch, Salman Khan talked about his marriage plans. Salman said that his mother and sisters are pressurizing him for the wedding.

Salman Khan Launches Sania’s Autobiography:

Salman Khan launches Sania's biography

Salman Khan launches Sania’s biography

‘Ace Against Odds’ autobiography of Sania Mirza has a journey of her becoming World No. 1 Women’s doubles tennis player. It also shares her problems which she faced while achieving her dream.

Sania Mirza was in Jacket with denim and gold pumps. Bollywood superstar Salman Khan said, “I think I’ll take my story to my grave. Nahi toh bohot saare graves khul jayenge.”

Salman Khan also talked about his marriage plans. Salman Khan launches book and said, “Ye 18th November kuch bees-pachees Novembers se chal raha hai…18th November hota hai ki nahi pata nahi kaunse saal may hota hai, but hoga.”

Salman and Sania

Salman and Sania

While beautiful Talented Sania Mirza replied to Salman, “It’s okay, I think not many women are complaining that you are not getting married. It’s fine.”

After the autobiography launch, Sania Mirza was seen partying with her friend Parineeti Chopra. Both the beautiful ladies posed for photos. Sania Mirza was seen in a long dress and Parineeti Chopra was in short dress.

Salman Khan launches Sania’s autobiography and at the working end, Salman is ready for Kabir Khan’s upcoming film ‘Tubelight’.

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